What to expect from your newborn session | Newborn Photographer // Bellingham, Wa

If you are like a lot of my expecting parents, you may be worried your house isn’t “Pinterest Perfect” enough for an in-home newborn session. Let me show you how that isn’t true! In addition to reassuring you that your home doesn’t need to be perfect, I am also going to tell you what to expect from your newborn session. I’ll answer some FAQ’s, and give you all the details.

Here we go!

When do I book a newborn session?

I have families book me as soon as they find out they’re pregnant (I love sharing the excitement!), months before their due date, weeks before, or right after baby is born. If you wait until the last minute, just know your baby may not be teeny tiny when we shoot! I definitely recommend earlier than later, but I am always flexible and happy to hear from you whenever!

What if my house is small and not “pinterest perfect”?

I can assure you that your house does not need to be perfectly decorated to have a beautiful in-home session! The only thing that is important, is light. Most homes have good natural light in the morning/early afternoon. When I arrive we will walk around and look for the best spot to shoot! Sometimes we shoot in multiple rooms, and other times we shoot in one place! I’ll show you some examples of sessions that were shot in one place, where the lighting was best.

It is also important to remember that these photos are for YOU! I think having photos documenting your life in this time of welcoming a new baby into the family is important. That may mean your house is messy, birp towels are everywhere, and dishes are in the sink. If that doesn’t say life with a newborn, I don’t know what does.

Here are a few more examples of photos that were shot in one spot, but still show a lot of variety.

You may even have a well decorated home, but natural light is sparse. In those cases, we will still stick in one spot with good lighting! There are definitely times when we will shoot in the areas with poor lighting, if you’re really wanting photos in that space. For example, your nursery may have poor lighting, but we still want to get photos in there! All of this to say, I am flexible! How is that for a long-winded response?? ha.

What should we wear? What does baby wear?

In my client prep guide that I send to you after booking, I have a lot of suggestions and examples! Here are some suggestions, though! For mom, I normally suggest a dress, because it’s comfy and flowy, and looks beautiful! For a dad, I suggest a neutral colored shirt of some sort, with no wording/logo. Neutral colors are great! For baby, I have onesies and hats that I bring! You are more than welcome to have an outfit ready, obviously! I just suggest staying away from neon colors, and anything too bulky. Part of what I love about newborn sessions is capturing all the details, so onesies are great for that! I also suggest having your favorite swaddle blankets ready!

What if my baby is fussy and wants to eat a lot?

I want all parents to know that I come with NO expectations, and no time limits. I honestly love hanging out with you and seeing your baby. I am in no rush, and am happy to spend as much time as needed. However, I can say, I almost ALWAYS spend exactly one hour and 30 minutes with families. It isn’t planned that way, but it seems about the norm for most newborn sessions! That 1 1/2 hours flies by!

So, if your baby is needing some extra feedings, please, please feel comfortable taking as many breaks as needed. I never want my parents to feel rushed! I want your baby to be well fed and happy <3

If you’re breastfeeding, and you’re comfortable, I am always happy to take nursing photos! I just have you let me know <3



I usually schedule newborn sessions between 10am-noon. I find newborns to be the most settled in the morning! After we’ve walked around the house and found the best light, we’ll normally start with family shots. If there are siblings, I always like to do those shots first! That way the kids are free to play, and you don’t have to worry about upset kids ;) We will then move onto individual shots of each parent with baby, and then photos of baby alone.

Swaddle and onesie recommendations

Some of my favorite swaddles and onesies:

L’ovedBaby https://www.lovedbaby.com/

Kate and Quinn http://www.katequinnorganics.com/ —- they also have adorable hats!

Posh Peanut https://poshpeanut.com/

Copper Pearl https://www.copperpearl.com/

Mebie baby https://mebiebaby.com/

Contact me for more recommendations!

I hope this was helpful! Please feel free to contact me with any questions before your session! I communicate a lot with my clients before their session, so we are well prepared!