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The Birth of Maggie | St. Joseph Childbirth Center // Bellingham, Wa

What a beautiful birth this was. I so enjoyed being present for Maggie’s birth. Her mama was able to lift her to her chest, just like she wanted <3 I love that she was able to do this, and it was so neat to see. I had a dream once that I was having a water birth, and I lifted my own baby to my chest. I would absolutely love to have that dream come true, one day :)

Enjoy these beautiful and sweet moments captured on the day of Maggie David’s birthday.
June 1, 2019

9lbs 13oz

9lbs 13oz


Birth Photography FAQ's | Bellingham Birth Photographer

Birth Photography FAQ’s

What is birth photography?
Birth photography is more than getting photos of the baby being born. There are so many emotions during a birth. If you want to remember your labor, the moments before welcoming your babe into the world, and your baby taking their first breath, please consider birth photography! There really isn’t anything like the first moments following the miracle of birth, and with the rush of everything, it is impossible to remember every detail.

What services do you offer?
I offer birth photography, that covers the labor, birth, and up to 2 hours after the birth. As well as a package that includes a newborn session. In addition to birth photography, I also offer doula services! For more information on that, click here.

When should I book?
As soon as possible! My clients book anywhere from the moment they find out they’re pregnant, to the third trimester. I take a limited amount of births per month, so I do suggest booking sooner than later! Another reason to book early, there is more time to make payments!

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! I offer payment plans, because I understand that there are a lot of expenses for expecting parents. The payment amount and frequency is decided by you! The only requirement is that the final payment is made by 38 weeks in your pregnancy. If that isn’t possible, because you booked late in your pregnancy, I will just wait to deliver your gallery until the final payment has been made.

What if my partner isn’t comfortable with having an extra person in the room?
This is something that I hear somewhat often. I think it can feel intimidating to some, to think of having a stranger in the room with them. This is why I always have in-person consults with clients before booking photography, to answer any questions, and just get to know each other. I highly encourage having your partner read this blog post! It may help them have a better vision of what it will look like to have a photographer present. I’ve heard from many partners that in the end, they were so thankful for an extra person there.

What if my labor is really, really long?
Labor is unpredictable, and your labor can be long or short! I am fully aware of this, and am prepared to wait many hours for baby. There is no additional cost if your labor goes long. Depending on your progress, I may leave for a short time. Most likely, I will just find food or coffee that is near by. I like to stay close!

I’m a modest person.. I’m not sure birth photography is the right fit for me.
For my mamas who are more modest, and don’t feel comfortable being exposed, I encourage you to look into birthing “outfits”! There are skirts, dresses, robes, bralettes, sports bras, etc. If you want some tips, I am happy to share ideas! Also, you get to choose what I photograph, and what is/isn’t shared. Birth IS an intimate time, and I totally understand wanting some privacy.

How graphic will my photos be?
This is completely up to you! Some clients want photos of crowning, and some don’t. I always ask! When you sign the contract, you have the choice of whether or not you want your photos shared on social media, and if you do, which images.

When do you come to my birth?
I typically arrive at your birth place when you are in active labor. It really depends on the person, and how their labor is progressing. I often tell my clients to call me when they’re around 5-6cm, if they’re being checked.

When do I call you?
Please, please, call me right away, when you think you’re in labor! If it’s during the day, a text is fine. If it’s the middle of the night, a phone call! My clients usually let me know that they’re experiencing some contractions, and then we go from there. If you’re a second-time mom, I usually head in right away. Those second babies are often (not always!) born much faster. I would rather arrive early then miss the birth!

What if you miss my birth?
This has only happened one time, and it was one of my first births. My client waited to call me a bit too long! It was her first baby, and transition happened super fast. However, I now give my clients a lot of instruction on when to call me, to ensure this doesn’t happen. Of course, there can be unpredictable emergencies, and it may be physically impossible for me to attend your birth. This is a worst-case scenario, and isn’t expected. Also, for this reason, I have MULTIPLE photographers ready as backup!
Anyway, IF I miss your birth, because your baby was born quickly, I would still come as soon as possible. I would arrive at your birth, and start shooting as I normally would, and stay a little longer. There is still SO much to capture after the birth, so it isn’t something I feel should be a concern! I hope that is reassuring.

What can I expect from you at my birth? Are you very involved?
My role at your birth, as a hired photographer, is to document all the details of your birth. I am essentially a fly on the wall, quietly moving around the room. My involvement is that of a photographer, unless you decide to add-on doula services. Of course, if an extra hand is needed, I will not hesitate jumping in if asked!

Do you shoot cesareans?
I would absolutely LOVE to shoot a cesarean. Unfortunately, the local Bellingham hospital does not allow photographers in the OR. If you are delivering at a hospital that allows it, wahoo!! I would love to document your birth. If you are having a c-section in Bellingham, there is still SO much of your birth to document. There are the moments before surgery, and following. If you want to talk more about how I can document your c-section, please reach out!

What hospitals do you cover?
I will shoot at whatever hospital my client is delivering at! If you are not local to Bellingham, please reach out and we can talk about the logistics of me traveling to your birth.

Do you use flash?
I do not. I feel it is too disruptive during labor. I do, however, adjust lighting as needed, if you don’t have any objections. I like to turn on some lights, or open some blinds, to provide as much light as possible, without having the entire room lit up, for your comfort.

Do you shoot video?
I do! This is a possible add-on for all of my sessions. It is such a fun addition to any session! To see some birth videos, click here.

What else do you shoot?
I am a birth and lifestyle photographer. I shoot anything from birth, to newborn sessions, milestone, family sessions, in-home lifestyle sessions, Fresh 48 sessions, and more!

If you are interested in learning more about birth photography, doula services, or any other session that I offer, please inquire here! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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The Birth of Lucy | Bellingham, Wa

I had the honor of witnessing Lucy’s birth on my own birthday! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for any better way to spend my day! Cortney and Chas were such a good team, and they had such a good support system. It was so fun to attend Lucy’s birth, and seeing her come into the world was amazing.

Being present during a birth on the same day I was born 27 years before, brought on some specific emotions. I imagined my mom in labor with me, and how much I wish I could ask her questions about my birth. Even if my mom was still here to ask questions, I doubt she would remember a lot because she gave birth so many times!

Birth is such an emotional and intimate experience, and I love that it is becoming more popular for births to be documented. In whatever way you give birth, and whether you want birth photography or not, I highly encourage you to document your birth. Sitting down to write your birth story soon after delivering is a great way to remember it, when the emotions are still raw <3