Q&A about my family sessions, and why you shouldn't be nervous!

I have been wanting to do a Q&A for a while now. I know from personal experience, that it can be so nerve wracking to get in front of the camera.. I'm probably the most awkward of all. It's nice to know what to expect, and understanding your photographer is one of the best ways to be prepared. For my clients who have booked a session with me, I will be creating a special "how to prepare" type guide, very soon! For now, I wanted to ask some questions regarding my sessions, and help you better understand what goes into them. 

  •  "My toddler is very active. I don't think they'll sit still."
    Besides my time as a photographer, I have over 12 years experience in childcare. I am very comfortable with kids, and I take a "gentle parenting" approach when interacting with children. I do not force children to sit still, instead I find creative ways to get them interested. I never leave a session with a two year old crying. They're always laughing and smiling at the end! 
  • "Will you pose us? We're so awkward!"
    I will help you to feel comfortable and get into flattering positions, but I rarely pose families. I typically, well, ALWAYS, tell families to pretend I'm not there. I find it to be incredibly beneficial to give kids a few minutes to explore their surroundings. Also, when you're feeling awkward and don't know what to do, playing with your kids helps take your mind off it ;)This is the time that I capture a lot of sweet moments, because you're just interacting with your kids! 
  • "Sunset is so close to my kids bedtime, I think they'll be too tired."
    I shoot around sunset, or another great option, early in the morning. I move quickly, and take a LOT of photos, all in a short amount of time. I never leave a session without knowing that I've captured enough. Toward the end of the session, I am just shooting to see what else we can capture. If we need to shoot quickly, to avoid any meltdowns, it's absolutely possible. Shooting at the right time of day is SO worth it.
  • "What should be wear?"
    I understand that finding what to wear can be stressful. I will help you by sending some examples, and helping you pick which outfits go best. I love this part of planning! I am also working on a more detailed "how to prepare" guide, and it will go more into detail on this. 
  • TIPS: Let your kids be silly! It always helps them to have fun, and I always get good smiles from this time. Also, if you are smiling and having fun, they will too!
    To help your kiddo be excited and interact with me, some of my favorite phrases are: "can you see my eye in the camera?", "Where did your smile go? Did you lose it?! Oh no!", "If you give me a super good smile, I will let YOU take a picture next!". These are just a few! 

If anyone has more questions, please please comment them down below! I would love to answer your questions, and I will be including these in my prep guide!