Bellingham | Washington

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer 

My approach to newborn photography is considered lifestyle, and I run my sessions in a laid-back, no-pressure manner. We base everything off on how the baby is doing, and take our time, without exhausting everyone. I have a few options for newborn sessions, and below you will see a little description of each. This should help you decide what is best suited for you and your family. 


The Posed Newborn 

This session consists of some un-posed moments admiring your new baby, some posed shots of baby alone, and with both parents together and separate. What makes this session more "posed" than the other ones, is that I bring a few wraps, and we do more shots of baby wrapped, and posed naked in parents arms. It is the more "classic" approach to newborn photos, while still being relaxed and in your home. This is my favorite session to do with first-time parents. It is beautiful!


The Lifestyle Baby

This session is far more relaxed, and my primary focus is capturing you admiring your baby, in the more natural sense. I will still help pose you, but you will mostly be interacting among yourselves. It is more of a fly on the wall approach. We still do shots of baby alone, and parents together and separate, but baby will be dressed or swaddled. This session is perfect if there are other siblings! It is very stress-free and relaxed. 


Lifestyle Studio Newborn | mini session

This option is new! It is essentially a mini family session, because we do very few poses, and little-to-no poses of baby alone. It is mostly just the parents lovin' on their new baby.

*These sessions are only held in my home, in Ferndale. I do not offer a mini newborn session in clients homes.